is originally the vision of Michael (Mike) Euegene Newsome, Sr. Because he was diagnosed with Castleman’s Disease and realized how few resources there are for patients to connect with others or learn about the disorder, he created to attempt to find, connect with, and help other patients with the rare disorder.

Carrying on his original vision, we envision as a place for those affected by Castleman’s Disease to find others that are going through a similar situation and offer a community of understanding and support. We hope the site is a platform where people can find knowledge, understanding, and support with each other in their battles.

The original created by Mike be viewed here.

About Michael (Mike) Newsome, Sr.

After excessive swelling in multiple lymph nodes in his neck, Mike went to his doctor and received 4 rounds of antibiotics. After there was no improvement, he was referred to an ENT. The ENT did a needle biopsy, and then 2 more biopsies. From there, he found out he have Castleman’s disease. He received care and treatment at St. Francis and University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) with Dr. Fritz van Rhee.